National Association of Chicago Style Stepping

The National Association is dedicated to the late Chicagoan Laura J. Cato. My sister who many years ago in the 1960s while dancing with her Chicago Style Steppin group was inspired to unite all of the Chicago Style dancers and groups together.

Her vision was to unified all of the steppers to work together for the objective of serving many of the Chicago civil and community programs in order to help the neighborhoods.

Laura was a Registered Nurse at Cook County Hospital then moved to Joliet Illinois Silver Cross Hospital. She later became the chairman of the Illinois State Nursing Accreditation Committee serving until she passed away in 2001.


The goal of the National Association of Chicago Style Steppin is to unite all groups, organizations who participate in this dance style, chapters and individuals into one national unified entity for the benefit of its members and to have the dance be recognized as a national and international art-form and to profit and revenue share.


The association uses its membership unification to give back to all communities specifically the urban communities in the form of student scholarships, assistance in rebuilding neighborhoods, supporting programs for drug rehabilitation, healthy mothers fertility programs for babies to have a healthy start in life, feeding and supporting the elderly who are in need.



    The Objective of the National Association of Chicago Style Stepping is to:

  • Bring more awareness of and to persevere this dance as a national and international art form.
  • To provide revenue sharing to its member organizations derived from sales of the products, services and the national conference attendance.
  • Unify all existing groups nationwide and internationally into one association which would work together to provide:
    uniformity and collaboration in order to provide purchasing power, products and services
  • Charitable support power buy chantix
  • Instructional power, musical entertainment artist and DJ power nationally and internationally.
  • Be a national political voce to secure civic and social programs that will assist the purpose of member organizations locally and across the country.
  • Expand and develop membership growth and active participation
  • To invest revenues to expand and grow the membership, membership services and to secure tangible assets for the purpose of growing the footprint nationally and internationally.



David Lee Cato--- CEO & Chairman of the Board

Departments to provide Member Services for:
Membership, Event Services Research, Intellectual Properties, Community Give Back Programs, Education Funding/ Grants /Scholarships, Product Development

Finance/ Banking and Business Operations Insurances and Wealth Management, Real Estate, Franchising
Marketing /Advertising/ Broadcast, Cable, New Technology Media Program Development, Media Buying, Entertainment, Events, and Media & Music CD Production
Legal, Product Licensing, Retail Operations, Travel Services, Consumer and Technology Services and Products, Trademark and Copy Right Infringement Protection


The Advisory Board of Directors

Nine (9) Advisory Board members, representing the various clubs, chapters and organizations throughout the of the various regions. Each member serves a two (2) year term.
Northeast Region
East Region
Southeast Region
South Region
Southwest Region
North Region
Midwest Region
West Region
Northwest Region


Advisory Board Meeting Schedule

Quarterly Meetings
Meeting Hotel Location Central Part of U. S. for easy access to everyone attending
National Association Pays for Round Trip Transportation and Hotel

  • Arrival Monday Evening-6:00 p.m. Dinner meeting
  • Meetings Tuesday-- 8:00 a.m. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Meetings Wednesday, 8:00 a.m. Breakfast, Lunch.,
  • Meetings Adjourn Wednesday afternoon---Meetings Close and End 2:00 p.m.

The Products and Services Provided to Membership

The following departments of the association will provide various products and services to its membership to both individuals and group organizations and chapters.

  • Business Operations templates
  • Finance / Accounting
  • Legal
  • Franchising
  • Marketing
  • Membership Services
  • Retail services

Member Services:
The association provides a variety of member services consisting of the following:

  • Revenue Sharing with chapters
  • Franchising
  • Banking Services, Financial, Insurances, Wealth Management, Real Estate
  • Membership, Intellectual Properties, Research, Event Services, Product Development
  • Consumer Products, Travel Services, Retail Operations and Services, Technology Services, Insurance services including group liability insurance, group health insurances, group long term care insurances, life insurance and more.
  • Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, Broadcast / Cable/ New Technology Media, Media Production, Events

The Services Roll-out Plan

The Association offers a number of services for individual members and chartered chapters, organizations and groups

The objective is to roll them out sparingly to:

  • Ensure their success
  • Generate profitable revenue to be shared with the chapters, groups and organizations
  • Be properly promoted and marketed within the association membership
  • Have adequate capital resources
  • Provide total essential customer care


Business Services

Financial/ Banking/ Funding Services


Group Organization Membership Services

New Chapter Start-Up Services
Membership Services
Branding Services‚??Fliers, Posters, Image Creation, Creative Services, Brochures
Local Chapter News Letter Chapter Recognition
Calendar of Events Listing
800# to find Events Live Person
Call Center Services and Development
Vendor Services for Event Support‚??For Profit and Non-Profits vendors
Best Event Recognition
Chapter Awards
National Association News Letter

Marketing Services

Marketing Concept Creation and Development
Campaign Development Services
Marketing Advertising Services
Text and Email campaigns for membership
Public Relations
Social Marketing Services
Face Book
You Tube
Marketing Event Management and Execution
Printing Services
Website Development
Branding Services‚??Fliers, Posters, Image Creation, Creative Services, Brochures

Insurance Services

Insurance; Life, Term, Final Expense, Cancer Insurance, Travel, Accidental, Dismemberment, Term, Group Health, Medicare Supplements, Hospital Insurance,
Estate Planning
Wealth Building Planning

Education Services

Scholarships Awards
College Funds and Loans
School Loans for Extra Curricular Activities
Community Give Back Programs

Legal Services

Legal Counseling
Attorney Services
Wills, Trusts
Membership Legal Services/ Consulting for Events etc.
Personal Injury Attorney Referral Services

Media Services

Media---Placement, Product Placement, Purchasing, Pre& Post Buy Analysis
Dance Television Syndication Show (The new Soul Train with performers and comedy Skits and Interviews)
Radio Syndication Program with (Tom Joyner or whomever celebrity)
Syndication Program Advertising Sales
Music CDs

Artistic Services

Artist Performances
Contracting and Disc Jockeys
Disc Jockey Services Nationwide
Disc Jockey Recognition Services
Chapter Recognition
Dance Instructor Recognition--Awards
Hall of Fame
Instructor Certification
Community Performing Arts Support
Talent Search

Member Business Services

Business Plan Writing
Marketing Plans Writing
Security for Events, Business, Home and Personal
Business Services, Letter Writing, Proposal Writing, etc. Secretarial Services minimum 20 hours
Transcription Services,
Direct Mail Services, Hard Copy Mailing Services
Surveys of Events Satisfaction or Needs etc.

Merchandising Products and Services

Grand Parent Gift Giving Ideas to Grand Kids
Grand Parent Story Telling to Grand Children Consulting
Intellectual Properties Publishing
T-Shirt Services

Real Estate Services

Purchase and Selling Home
Rentals and purchasing Homes, Condos, Townhouses Relocation and finding new location to live

Travel Services

Cruise, Airline, Hotel. Ground Transportation, Rail, Car Rental
Weekend Get-Always, Trip, Individual and Group Vacation Planning
Limo Services
Tour Planning Services (Bus or all modes of Transportation)
Charter Jet Services

Retail Services

Cell Phone Services
Cosmetics and discounts by a Celebrity‚??s Catalogs
Greeting Cards, i.e., Birthday, Retirement, New Born, Congratulations, Get Well, Sympathy, Grand Child New Born etc.‚?¶
Business Franchises
Retail/ Product /Licensing
Clothing Line
Retail Shops Chicago Steppin Retail Store
T-Shirt custom creation and sales
Chicago Stepping Party Decorations etc.‚?¶
Customized Luggage

Financial Services

Loans Student, Business, Commercial, Business Start-up
Investor Programs
Patents, Copy Rights, Inventions, Creative, Registration Marks
Credit Union Services all Chapters belong to the Same Credit Union
Banking Services
Credit Card/ Debit Card Services and Issue Cards
Home Loans
Business start-up Loans with Proper Collateral
Car Loans
EZ Pay Bank Loans
Hardship Loans
Membership Accounting Services
Small Business Purchase Programs and Loans

Civil, Community and Social Services

Rehab Programs
Job Career Program
Career Networking /Jobs
Daycare subsidy or Discounts
Grand Parent Teen Counseling
Nursing Home Advocacy
Senior Medical Supplies
Senior Food Supply
Transitioning to a Empty Nest Counseling
Finding Counseling Assistance







Main Welcome

Social Hour Cocktails/ Kick Off Dinner




Main Speaker



Entertainment/Dance lessons / Instructions Competition with Judges

Social Hour Cocktails



Main Speaker
Scholarship donations
Entertainment/ Dance instructor Competition with Judges
Social Hour Cocktails
Masquerade Big Event Party


Main Speaker
Instructor Dance lesson competition with Judges
Social Hour Cocktails / Dinner
Big Event Party


Awards Ceremonies
Next Year Conference Plans introduction
Conference Ends